Are you Struggling to find your art style?

Are you Struggling to find your art style?

by Juan Alberto Friday, October 1, 2021 - 16:36 0 comments

I've been studying many artist to develop my style, you know that thing that when someone see one of your arts they say "hey that's from that artist!" but do you study to get your style? or it is that style pops up suddenly?

If you are studying with this (like me) there are some approach you can take:

Some people got their style after years of drawing, step by step they build their style over the fundamentals of drawing and eventually they realize hey have an original and distinctive style! (This can take years by the way)

Some other people control the process: they study certain artist and incorporate willingly and with all intention some elements of their art masters: color, line, brush strokes, stylization, etc.

Others plain and simple steal/copy the style of another artist (don't do that, most you will get is to be a bad copy)

And last are the ones who from the beginning they have an style. They just have it from early in their career and its how they did things always (with some polish but if you see early drawings you can see their style is kind of there from the beginning)

This approaches are not the only ones but there are the most common. You decide the path you want to follow!


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