Fan Art

Asajj Ventress

This drawing I did it for the "May the Fourth be With You" from 2021. She is one of the relatively New characters from Star Wars that I really like. 

She was introduced in the Clone Wars Cartoon and since then had a evolution from the apprentice of a Sith to have her own path and story, even getting along with her former enemy Ahsoka Tano. Here I draw her with a mix of some of her costumes, more resembling her first outfit, the one she weared in the 2D cartoon of Clone Wars.

Spider Gwen

This drawing I made it when the movie "Spiderman into the Spiderverse" was in the theatres, and I published it the day it won the oscar to best animated feature! She is a character that I like and the version they did in the movie was an upgrade to the original design. I draw her a little bit more adult than the one of the movie and with a more realistic style, but I tried to respect the rest of the design elements of the character.


"The tower had no stairs or doors, but only a little window at the very top.  When the witch wanted to go in, she stood beneath the window and cried: 

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair."

-Grimm Brother's Tales

Check for the poster of Rapunzel here!