Girls Day off

What happen when two outcast scape and go for a day-off in the city? and what if, the outcas are a demond too nnocent to be a demond and an angek too kinky to be an angel? 

Warrior Angel

This one is an old one! i have done multiple versions but i think this is the one. Model is Loretta Hope,England Based model and performer!

The Mermaid

I always liked mermaids! but i wanted to draw something a little bit more crude, but always staying on the classic mermaid image, so i went for red hair (Ala little mermaid) but adding some tattoos, scars and cloth made from fishing nets, etc. 


That movie was great! funny and a lot of great scenes! this image is a funny piece of the story of shazam from the editorial drama that happen when there where 2 captain Marvels! at the end there was just the Marve's captain Marvel, and the other went for Shazam! it was funny that both movies went out the same year.

Spider Gwen

SpiderGwen is a great character from the spider-verse, maybe my favorite! specialy the one from the movie, love the forced hair cut she had to wear XD there are some awesome design decisions  that they did, like the balerina shoes and the hood (i didnt put her hood on, so we could see the face) i used a instagram model for the face, and did a model opn daz3d for the pose. Later it was a render work. Background is New York, photo taken by me from the empire state, and then painted over.